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Dear Friend,

We’re working to help broaden and deepen the education of the next generation of Catholics. We are dedicated to advancing Gender Equality, Sexual Ethics, and Lay Decision-Making in the Catholic Church. We produce research to address Roman Catholic objections concerning those issues, in order to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

Our GOAL is to strive so that Catholic leaders, NGOs and ordinary Catholics commit to advancing those rights both within their religious institutions and in civil society at large. We have both the expertise and the Catholic credentials to make this happen.

We’ve been able to do this work for years on a financial shoe-string because many of you have given freely of your time to researching, translating and publicizing our work.

To touch the lives of more people, to respond daily to new demands, to drive essential religious change, we now need more resources. And because we’re an independent non-profit think-tank, we rely entirely on donations, donations from Friends like you.

This is an urgent appeal to you to help, and indeed to become a regular donor if you can. Perhaps you know us very well already and believe in what we do; please click on the link below and go to our donate page. If, on the other hand, you want to know why what we do is so badly needed, please keep on reading.

The Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research, works to enable Catholics to overcome ingrained prejudices and missed opportunities on women’s equality and ministries in the church, sexual ethics, marriage, and church authority.

What we do is driven by the questions and suggestions of ordinary Catholics worldwide, and is informed by leading researchers in theology and other relevant disciplines.

On issues like the ordination of women and the use of contraceptives, for example, the Catholic hierarchy has been trying to foreclose discussion, especially at the academic level. Consequently many, and perhaps most, professors of Catholic theology in church universities practise a form of self-censorship.

Many times we’ve asked well-known academics or leading clergy what they really thought about our key issues, or whether they would endorse this or that declaration which we had prepared, only to be told that while they did agree, they cannot/would not want to go public for fear of jeopardizing their careers or even their jobs.

Close to a million people use the website womenpriests.org every year, yet only a very small fraction – fewer than 200 – donate to us on a regular basis. Yes! We are trying to build greater grassroots support for our mission. Can this start today, dear Friend, with you?

1,000 supporters giving 5 USD, GBP or EUR a month would allow us to breathe more freely. Even small contributions go a long way because we have few overheads and many volunteers.

Every amount received works to lighten the load on thousands of believers. To donate please go to http://www.wijngaardsinstitute.com/donations/