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"All the faithful, both clerical and lay, should be accorded a lawful freedom of research, freedom of thought and freedom of expression."

Gaudium et Spes, no 62.

Projects in hand

We enumerate here our main lines of research at the moment. We draw attention to them with the hope that visitors to this site may be able to offer advice and, perhaps, contribute to an ongoing project. Please, get in touch with your comments and advice.

Meta Talk about God

We need to know the facts! People who belong to our secular society find it difficult to believe the Christian message. One reason is the use of traditional religious language. Christian statements seem untrue, Christian claims dishonest. This line of research explores a new meta language that may serve faith better. Research area: MYSTERY AND BEYOND.

Natural Law

We need to know the facts! The Catholic Church justifies many of its ethical rules on the dictates of a hypothetical 'Natural Law laid down by the Creator'. We are investigating the origin of the concepts handled by church authorities, and testing their validity in the light of what we know from today's sciences. Research area: SEXUALITY.

Church Fathers in their own language

We need to know the facts! The Greek and Roman Fathers of the Church - 2nd to 6th centuries - tried to interpret Christian belief within the context of their own mediterranean world. Their opinions weigh heavily in the 'Tradition' of the Church. We want to strengthen our analysis of their contribution by documenting controversial statements in their original Greek and Latin wording. Research are: WOMEN'S ORDINATION.

The Cascade of Prejudice against women

We need to know the facts! The prejudices against women usually started small but grew in the course of time till they escalated to dicrimination in official church laws. We are documenting this phenomenon over a wide range of issues. We are also analysing the dynamics that cause such cascades. Research area: WOMEN'S ORDINATION.

Discover the Facts

We need to know the facts!Most Catholics are not familiar with the reasons why women are excluded from ordained ministries. They do not realise that both scriptural studies, historical reseach and theological reasoning support reform by the Church that would allow women, like men, to apply for ordination as deacons, priests or bishops. We are investigating the best way of making Catholics become aware of the facts. Research area: WOMEN'S ORDINATION.


"In universities and colleges ... the Church intends that individual subjects be pursued according to their own principles, method, and liberty of scientific inquiry. This is to be done so that an ever deeper understanding in these fields may be obtained and that new and contemporary questions are raised and investigations carefully made."

"Experience shows that it is sometimes difficult to harmonize culture with Christian teaching. These difficulties do not necessarily harm the life of faith, rather they can stimulate the mind to a deeper and more accurate understanding of the faith. The recent studies and findings of science, history and philosophy raise new questions which effect life and which demand new theological investigations."
VATICAN COUNICIL II, Declaration on Christian Education no 10 & The Church in the Modern World no 62.