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We need your financial support. We operate from a small office North of London. We only pay two (small) salaries and fees to consultants when they are needed. For the rest our work is done by volunteers some of whose stories we tell here.

We work on a shoestring, but we cannot avoid having to pay a lot of overheads for maintaining computers and other equipment; for office rent; insurance; council tax; water, electricity and gas; post and telephone to many countries (next to our emails); hosting of our 12 websites; etc. etc. So how can you help us?

1. Join us as a Supporter, Friend or Sponsor.

There are four levels of subscription:

  • Supporters give us $ 15 a year.
  • Friends give us $ 75 a year.
  • Sponsors give us $ 150 a year.
  • Golden Sponsors give us $ 1000 a year.

It helps our administration a lot if you do register with us online. It means you will get automatic notifications of your contributions and we can keep you informed about developments.

Because of the international payment facility we use, payments are processed in American Dollars.

To register your regular donation, please click here!

2. If you cannot register regular support, please give us a one-time donation.

Please, select your preferred currency (£, €, $, etc.) and amount. Then click the donate button.

3. You can also donate via our JustGiving page here.

4. Finally, please do get in touch if you would like to help as a volunteer.