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Our FRIENDS sponsor one or more of these long-term projects:

  • The ordination of women. Updating www.womenpriests.org (4000+ academic documents in 26 languages; 600,000+ unique visitors a year; supporting sites: www.womendeacons.org and  www.equalityforwomen.org. 
  • Collegial Church authority. A more shared exercise of authority in the Church with accountability of leaders and more responsibility entrusted to the laity; www.churchauthority.org.
  • LGTB recognition. Full Church acceptance of gender difference and equality; respecting the dignity and rights of all LGTB persons; support for LGTB relationships; www.ishomosexualitynatural.com and www.thebodyissacred.org.
  • Reponsible family planning. International study proving legitimacy of artificial contraception; allowing parents to make their own adult decisions in planning their families; open online university course targeting Catholic leaders in developing countries to explain the ethics of artificial contraception; www.catholicsandcontraception.comwww.familysynod2015.com.

The Wijngaards Institute  works to update the Catholic Church by coordinating international research and publishing correct information through our educational websites.

Dr Luca Badini Confalonieri, CEO, and Miriam Duignan, Communications Director, with delegation on St Peter’s Square to deliver to the Pope recommendations based on our research
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