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Academic network for research on Equality for Women across Religions

  • Dr Nontando Hadebe – ACADEMIC COORDINATOR (her specialization: ‘African Theology, Feminist & Womanist Theology, Liberation Theology’; University of South Africa, Pretoria and St Augustine College, Johannesburg, South Africa; credentials);
  • Prof Subash Aanand (specialization: ‘Towards a Hindu-Christian Theology’; Pontifical Athenaeum Jnanadeep Vidyapeeth (emeritus), Pune, India; credentials);
  • Prof Abdullahi Ahmed An-Naim (specialization: ‘Human Rights & Islamic Law’; Emory University, USA; credentials);
  • Dr Kochurani Abraham (her specialization: ‘Feminist Theology’; Kerala, India; credentials);
  • Prof Mario Aguilar (specialization: ‘Religion & Politics’; St Andrews University, Scotland, UK; credentials);
  • Ms Rachael Alphonso MSc PhD Candidate & Junior Research Fellow (specializations: ‘Biology’ and ‘Social Justice’), Mumbai, India;
  • Kabir Babu MA PhD student (specialization: ‘Hindu Thought and Religion’; Amritsar, India; credentials);
  • Dr Luca Badini Confalonieri (specialization: ‘Democracy in the Christian Church’; London, UK; credentials);
  • Ms Pippa Bonner BASoc MATheol (specialization: ‘Psychodynamic Social Care’) author and social care provider (AASW);
  • Dr Aruna Gnanadason (her specialization: ‘The Church & Violence against Women’; Word Council of Churches, Geneva, Switserland and Bangalore, India; credentials);
  • Ass. Prof Khushbhakt Hina (her specialization:’Leadership and Quality in Higher Education’; Islamabad, Pakistan; credentials);
  • Dr Amineh Hoti (her specialization:’Interreligious Dialogue’; Lahore, Pakistan; credentials);
  • Charity Kamau (‘Gender Studies’ in University of Malta), home country Kenya;
  • Prof Joseph Mattam (specialization:’Modern Christian Approaches to Hinduism’; New Delhi, India; credentials);
  • Dr Jasinta Prakashappa (specialization:’The Rights of Women in modern society’; New Delhi, India; credentials);
  • Dr Opinderjit Kaur Takhar (her specialization: ‘Sikh Studies’; University of Wolverhampton, UK; credentials).
  • Prof Karma Lekshe Tsomo (her specialization: ‘Buddhist Thought and Culture’; San Diego, USA; credentials).
  • Ms Virginia Saldanha BA (specialization: ‘Women’s Emancipation’) Ecclesia of Women In Asia, previously Registrar Catherine of Siena Virtual College, Correspondent Union of Catholic Asian News, former Executive Secretary of the Far Asian Bishops Conference Office of Laity, Family & Women’s Desk, Mumbai, India;
  • Dr Lubna Sarwath PhD iWIL-IIMB (specialization: Economics, Humanomics) Candidate Lok Sabha [= Indian Parliament] elections, Hyderabad, INDIA;
  • Prof John Wijngaards (specialization: ‘The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church’; London, UK; credentials).

More collaborators are welcome!

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