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Costing and Financing

Over many years the Wijngaards Institute has operated with only one paid administrator and relied on very generous support from many volunteers, not least John Wijngaards himself, acting unpaid as Director. But John Wijngaards (b. 1935) is aware of the need to provide for his succession and we have to restructure in order to continue our work. In late 2014 we appointed a new director and we are also investing in modernizing our websites.

These additional costs mean that in summary our annual expenditure is going to rise considerably from about £60,000 per year to about £90,000. Our needs are not excessive, but we do need to fundraise an extra £40,000 a year for three years in order to cover the additional costs that the new projects outlined earlier require.

We work almost entirely with volunteers. Only two people, our full-time director and our administrator, receive a modest salary whose combined figure amounts to less than £60,000 a year. Our tiny staff and numerous volunteers ensure small contributions go a long way, thus allowing us to deliver very good value for money.

Our tiny staff and numerous volunteers ensure small contributions go a long way

The only other expenses are those related to essential overheads:

  • the costs connected to our (small) office premises: rent, insurances, gas, electricity, water, building repairs, council tax, etc;
  • the office costs: telephone, postage, stationery, photocopying, printing, scanning, computer maintenance, software licenses, library charges, and so on;
  • some professional fees: subscriptions to scholarly journals, financial auditors, fund-raising consultants, and so on.

Our office premises and facilities are basic, but they allow up to seven of us to work there at the same time. They are the nerve centre of our administration and international network.

A volunteer scanning text onto her computer
A volunteer scanning text onto her computer.

Planning for the Future

Our current annual revenue comes in part from a small investment (about £10,000 a year), in part from grants from major donors (around £35,000 in 2013), and in part from a modest number of small supporters. Combined, they only cover about half of our current annual costs (about £90,000). So far we have tried to meet these costs by recruiting more sponsors and donors who each give us larger or smaller grants for a number of years. Our sponsors, who give us annual grants, are at present one religious congregation and some individual donors.
We are also trying to increase our revenue from crowd-funding. We have a small but growing number of Friends who support us with small regular monthly or annual donations, but at present this contributes only a minor proportion of our total funding. We are seeking to increase this support network over the next five years; however, this piecemeal fundraising makes heavy demands on the time and energy of our staff, energy that could more efficiently be devoted to creative work.

Should you be interested in having a more detailed breakdown of our income and expenditure, or any additional financial information, please contact us.